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                       2018 - Rules & By-Laws

                      ~ Rules Of Club  ~

 1. No Alcohol at any event / cruise

 2. No discrimination / Color or Race

 3. Must abide by the rules of the road for everyone's safety

 4. Club will not tolerate any member who tries to ( influence voters ) at any event the club sponsers or  attends

 5. Members will not discuss club business issues with non-club members

 6. No burn-outs at any club scents

 7. Respect property of others at all times

 8. Come, cruise, mingle and have a good time 


                      2018 - By-Laws

 Article I  - 

A. Club Identification 

1. The name of club is "White Mountain Cruisers LLC. Car Club"   

 Article II 

A. Club Purpose and Philosophy

1. To promote and support interest in old & classic vehicles.         

2. Together as a group to share in activities relating to old & classic vehicles.    

3. To serve the community through events sponsored by the club.

 Article III   

A. Members   

1. Definitions:  

a. Active Member: One who's dues are current.

b. Charter Members: Those members attending the first or second organizational meeting in the history  of the club who have helped to form the basic principles by which this group will function.   

c. Lifetime member: Anyone 70 or older.  Annual dues are waived for lifetime members.

2. To become a member in good standing,

a. new member should pay one years dues.   ($15.00)

b. The applicant should be a licensed driver or be of legal driving age.   

B. In all matters coming before the club, only active members may vote : all members have one vote.

 Article IV 

A. Dues   

1. Annual dues for Active Membership shall be $ 15.00 for Household  

2. Dues shall be paid annually, Payments due by January 1st  of each year.

3. If the elected Treasurer finds this system unworkable during his/her term, The Treasurer may recommend changes which must be accepted by the Board of Directors.

 Article V   

A. Expulsion  

1. Membership will lapse if dues are not paid by June 15.   

2. Any member breaking club rules ( see article XIII ) may be expelled by a two/thirds majority vote of the Officers and Directors.  

3. Any member may resign upon written notice to the Club Secretary.

 Article VI   

A. Meeting  

1. Annual meeting : held in March for the purpose of receiving annual reports, accepting Dues and making amendments to the club schedule of events.   

2. Other meetings: held when necessary to conduct club Business. Election of Officers will take place in the Fall.  

3. All scheduled meetings should have established time, date and location as far in advance as possible.   

4. In all votes to come before the membership, a simple majority vote carries the motion, except for amendments to the by-laws which shall be approved by a two-thirds majority. Only members present at the meeting will be allowed to vote.  

5. All officers shall be elected by majority vote.

Article VII   

A. Officers 

1. The Officers of the Organization are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Officers are elected to a one year term. Chairperson of the Board will be Past President. 

2. A Board of Directors will consist of 5 or more members. Past President is automatically appointed as one member.

B. Officers Duties 

1. President: Presides over all meetings of the members and the Officers: may call special meetings and is the Chief Officer of the Club. 

2. Vice-President: Shall fulfill all the responsibilities of the President in the event he/she cannot act on behalf of the Club. The Vice-President shall act as committee chairperson overseeing all committees. 

3. Secretary: The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the members and the Officers and record all minutes and votes taken. The Secretary will keep an accurate roll of Club Members, Keep custody of Club Records, and give notice of meeting as provided in the by-laws. 

4. Treasurer: Has custody of all monies, debt, and obligations belonging to the Club. Shall make all payments of Club debts with approval of the Executive Board. All financial transactions must take place upon the signature of the Treasurer and countersigned by the President. He/She must be ready to report on the finances of the Club at scheduled meetings and will not incur any debt, liability or obligation without written approval from the President.

4.A. HEAD OF DIRECTORS : Under Vice-President - Third In-Control of Club

5. Board of Directors; Duties may include:

A. establishes meeting agenda. 

B. hold pre-meeting for business transaction. 

C. facilitates basic discussions of new Club issues. 

D. acts as directors of the Club functions and activities. 

6. Executive Board: Shall consist of Club Officers and the Board of Directors.

 Article VIII  

A. Committees 

1. The President shall appoint committees and outline duties and responsibilities for such committees. All reports or actions taken by a committee shall be voted upon by majority of the committee members. Finances of the committees should be checked and approved by the Treasurer and President. 

B. Activities 

1. The activities of the Organization shall include: meetings, touring in groups, attending car shows, trading newsletters with other auto clubs, educational activities, club projects, running the Club's own car show, community benefit projects, social activities, Etc.

 Article IX   

A.  Fiscal Year 

 1. The fiscal year of the Club shall be January 1st thur December 31st

 Article X   

A.  Personal Liability 

1. All persons or Corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the Club or the Officers, shall look only to the funds of the Club for payment of any such contract or claim or for payment of any debt, damage, judgment or decree or any other money that may otherwise become due or payable to them for the Club or the Officers: so that neither the members of the Club or the Officers - past, present or future - shall be personally liable.

2. Club liability: All club activities are covered by Hagerty Insurance

 Article XI   

A. Amendments to the By-laws   

1. The Officers of the Club or any ten active members in good standing by written proposal submitted to the Secretary, may propose an amendment to the by-laws. Upon such proposal being made, the change shall be explained at the meeting prior to the annual meeting. Written wording of proposed amendment shall be made available to all active members 14 days or more before the annual meeting. 

2. Amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the active membership.

3.  Final approval is by 2/3 vote of the officers and directors.

 Article XII   

A. Dissolution of the Club  

1. By a simple majority vote, the Officers and Directors, excluding the President, may vote to dissolve the Club. In the case of a tie vote, the deciding vote will be cast by the President.  

2. Upon dissolution of the Club, it shall be the responsibility of the Board to determine which charitable organization(s) will receive any funds remaining in Club treasury. 

3. It shall also be the responsibility of the same Board to notify in writing all appropriate State & Local agencies. 

4. It shall be the responsibility of the Club Secretary to notify all Club members in good standing of the dissolution of the Club.

Article XIII

A. Club rules

1. No alcohol at any event/cruise.

2. No discrimination/Color or Race 

3. Must abide by the rules of the road for everyone's safety.

4. Club will not tolerate any member who tries to ( influence voters )at any event the club sponsors or attends.

5. Members will not discuss club business issues with non-club members.

6. No burn-outs at any club events.

7. Respect property of others at all events.

8. Come, cruise, mingle and have a good time.


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