What's New ?

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What's New ?

FACE BOOK : White Mountain Cruisers LLC. Car Club

Dues for 2018 ~ $15.00 per household 

All Members of Board 

President ~ David Ash

Vice President ~ Larry Benson

Head of Board Directors ~ Rocky Steele

Lorraine Steele

Ricky Ray

Ron Hayes

Phil Bell

Lynda Martin

Richard Loveland


What Does My Membership Do For Me ? 

Club Information - All year long

Keeps me up-to-date on events Local & Three States wide

Provides me with a website, on which I can post items for sale, swap or trade

Lets us help ~ Littleton High School , Senior take class trip

Lets us help ~ Littleton & Profile School - Tool Box Program - Students who plan to continue their education in Automotive related field

Lets us help ~ SafeLine - Abused Women & Children of Vermont

Makes me proud to be part of a club who gives annual donations to local food pantries

Makes me proud to support a Local - ( Christmas Meal ) 

Makes me proud ~ Toys for Tots, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Make A Wish, Ray S. Burton Education Program, Relay for Life.


Givies us the opportunity to help put on -

                Six or Eight Annual Car Shows -

Beech Hill Automotive - Profile & Littleton = Tool Box Program & Ray S. Burton Foundation for Education

Bond Auto Repair - Make A Wish

Hagan's Manufactured Housing Sales - Senior Class Trip

Toys for Tots - Toys for Children

FarmWay - Safe Line = Abused Women & Children of Vermont

Darling's Auto Repair - Norris Cotton Cancer Center = St. Johnsbury Vermont

which raises the funds needed to support our communities.